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Intro:. Welcome to Morning Dove Web, a One Dove website. This unofficial site has been online since January 2000.

Bio:. Glasgow, Scotland-based trio, who caught the nation's imagination in 1993 with their mellow musical depths. The members were Ian Carmichael (b. 1 June 1960, Glasgow, Scotland), Jim McKinven (b. David James McKinven, Glasgow, Scotland) and former chemical engineering student Dot Allison (b. Dorothy Elliot Allison, 17 August 1969, Edinburgh, Scotland). McKinven had been in an early incarnation of the Bluebells (rehearsal only), but was best known for his stint in Altered Images. Carmichael owned Toad Hall Studios, engineering or producing for many Glaswegian acts. The trio made their first public appearance at the Rock Garden, Queens Street, Glasgow, in August 1991. The fact that Andrew Weatherall got involved attracted some initial attention, but there was more to One Dove than merely another of his side projects. They had already broken into the rave scene's elite with the single "Fallen", prior to their collaboration. It was released on Soma Records, before the band had changed their name from their original selection, Dove. However, litigation followed from representatives of Supertramp (the band had, inadvertently, used a sample from an Italian house record which in turn had sampled the prog-rockers). They met Weatherall in Rimini, Italy in 1991. After he agreed to work with them there was some discussion in the press that One Dove's debut album would signal another landmark episode, la Primal Scream's Screamadelica, but this was perhaps over-optimistic. It was at least a solid, musically enthralling collection conveying One Dove's biggest influence: King Tubby and Jamaican dub music. They disbanded in 1996, with Allison going on to release an acclaimed solo album in 1999.

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