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One Dove

I know you've had a full day of interviews, so we'll try mot to keep you too long.

Dot: Okay.

First of all, how would you describe One Dove's music to someone who'd never heard it?

Jim: Hmmm...

Dot: It...

Jim: Dot?

Dot Hello. Um, I think I would describe itas melan cholic pop...

Jim: (laughs)

Dot: Which it is, I mean, it's really quite sad music, I think.

Jim: Like country...

Dot: And it's similar to coun try in that, underneath the sound, the musical interpre tations are really quite melancholic, but resolve with pop. And I would definitely have to say that the sound is almost.. it has the richness of some of the 4AD stuff...

Jim: You know, it's just like, all we're doing is trying to write classic pop songs. And this is the music that came out.

Dot: It's got an edge, like, you know, like the Beach Boys' stuff. It's got definitely a darker side. And, it's got balls.

Jim: (laughs) It's got lots of balls.

Dot: Balls, yeah.

Is One Dove mainly a studio band?

Jim: Well, we are, but when we play live, we're actually more traditional than what people would give us credit for. We're more than people would expect. The only thing that isn't live Is, we play off of drum-loops. Everything else is live. Guitar player, bass player, percussion player, Ian plays keyboards, Dot plays guitar, and we're all singing.

Where does the name One Dove come from?

Jim: (laughs)

Dot: Urn... (laughs) We're laughing because it's kind of an in-joke. When we finst started out, there was a satu ration of Great Britain of these really top Ecstasies called White Doves.

Oh, really?

Dot: So, you know, we just play our music to the people that we do, and we needed a name to put on it. And we just thought, right, let's call ourselves Dove, because we really enjoyed the religious connotations and connota tions of peace and purity and...

Jim: (laughs)

Dot: . . .and then, of course, there are the drug users' con notations as well, it's just a little...

Jim: (laughs)

Dot ...ambiguity to the whole thing.

And the "One" part?

Dot: Oh, right. Well, we got the other half from this other band, who are called...

Jim: Who are no more.

Dot: Who are no more.

Called "Dove"?

Dot: They were called the Fast Doves, then they changed their name to the Doves.

Jim: Right.

Dot: And I think they were suggesting that we were going to be traveling on their coattails.

So you made it One Dove as opposed to several Doves?

Dot: Yeah, we changed itto One Dove as opposed to the Doves.

What about Dot? Is that, like, short for Dorothy?

Dot: Oh, yeah, Dorothy is my real name. Dot isjusta short form of Dorothy in Britain.

How many interviews have you done today?

Jim: Six.

Around how many have you done all together, as One Dove?

Dot: Oh...

Jim: Oh, man...

Dot: Hundreds.


Jim: Definitely.

Dot: More than 100.

Jim: More than...

Dot: Yeah. Hundreds. Hun dreds.

Jim: Way over 300.

Dot: 'Cause, yeah, think of that time we were on tour...

Jim: Yeah.

Dot.. .and we had to actually split up to do so many.

Jim: Up at 500.

Dot: 500, yeah.

Okay. How many songs have you actually written as One Dove?

Jim: Eh...

Dot: Well, that's a hard question, actually, because, you know...

Jim: I'd say about 20.

Dot: I'd say about 20, yeah. (laughs)

Quick tally here, your songs to-interviews ratio

Jim: What? What was that?

The average number of interviews per song...

Dot: Oh, I see.

Let's see, 500 interviews, 20 songs...

Dot: 25 per song

Right Okay. Now, do you have an overall favorite One Dove interview?

Dot: Actually, yes, there's a guy called Andrew Perry...

Jim: Yeah.

Dot: . . .he always seems to just put the whole thing across so fluently. He gets everything that we wanted into it It's as concise as it can be, and it's always very posi tive. I think it's 'cause he's gota real rudimentary under standing of...

Jim:.. what we're about.

Who does he...?

Jim: He writes for a magazine called Select.

Dot You know, you can bear your soul to him. There's a trust there, that you know he wouldn't misquoteyou or quote you out of context.

Fair enough. Now, what's your worst interview?

Dot Um, for melt's still that one, by that poor guy that misquoted me on my reli gion. I don't know why, but the whole thing bugged me. I did an interview with him again, and I believe 100% he didn't mean to. It was the way it came across on tape, the sounds of the consonants and the vowels in the words. I'm not going to say his name, 'cause I don't think he meant it.

Jim: I'm still waiting for my bad interview.

What's question you would most like to be asked, but haven't been?

Jim: Ahh...

Dot Oh, right. Oh, gosh. Um...

Jim: (laughs)

Dot I actually enjoy being asked about my feminist views 'cause I don't get a chance to air them very of ten. So, I suppose, being a bit of a militant feminist, but a sexy one, I probably would like to be asked that.

What's it like?

Dot: What?

What's it like being a sexy militant feminist?

Dot: Eh, difficult (laughs)

Jim: I'd also like to have somebody ask me this ques tion: Have lever slept with any of my friends' mothers?

Have you?

Jim: Ahh (laughs)

Dot: Oooh.

Jim: I haven't been asked yet.

That's another interview?

Jim: That's another interview.

Dot: That's another inter view. I think we'll have to have it soon, 'cause I need to know.

What about questions you hate being asked?

Dot I really don't like... I find it hard to answer questions like...

Jim: How did you meet?

Dot Yeah, that too, but I re ally hate: What does 1994 hold for you? (laughs) I don't think it's boring or anything like that, it's just really diffi cult to try and put into words what I hope for me.

This is a fill-in-the-blank: I rank doing interviews on a par with ______

Jim: That's hard.

Dot: Um... let me think. That's afunny question. Um... um... wait, hold on. Okay. Looking in the mirror eating a cream cake

What's that?

Dot Looking in the mirror while eating a cream cake. It's got a meaning for me, I don't know if you under stand...

Looking in a mirror...

Dot: Looking in a mirror while eating a cream cake. (laughs) I mean, there's a deep meaning in there, somewhere. Jim, sorry, your turn.

Jim: Picking your toenails!

Okay. Now, a multiple choice: The purpose of doing all these interviews is: a) to promote One Dove; b) to get people to know us as people; c) to keep the record com- pany happy; d) all of the above; e) none of the above, something else entirely.

Dot For me, it's people get ting to know us, our whole mentalities as people.

Jim: For melt's a chance to get to eat in New York.

Do you guys ever watch American TV?

Jim: Eh...?

Dot: In Britain?


Dot: Oh, all the time.

What do you watch?

Dot: Cheers, Streets of San Francisco. (laughs)

Dot: Kojak, um... Roseanne. What else? There's hundreds. Married... with Children!

Jim: Oh, Married... with Chil dren is tops.

Dot: Donahue, Oprah Win frey. I like Oprah Winfrey, I don't like Donahue.

Do you play video games?

Jim: Yeah.

Dot: Nah, I don't like them.

Jim, what're your favorites?

Jim: Desent Strike. Sensible Soccer.

Dot: I'm waiting for one that's set in a record com pany office like PolyGram. You get to each floor and you get to shoot everybody and stuff. Still waiting for that one.

Last question. What do you think of goats?

Jim: Goats?

Dot: (laughs) Yes, the little furry animals, with horns. (laughs)

Jim: What do you think of?

Goats. What do you think of goats?

Dot: Goats?!


Jim: Makes me...


Dot: Goats, as in, like... Goats.

Jim: Fun to hang around with, but I'd never sleep with one. (laughs)

Dot: Um... God, hang on. Devil's children.

Jim: She believes them to be Satan's children.

Dot: I believe them to be Sa tan's.

Are you all single?

Jim: Yeah.

Dot: Yeah.

Can you put Ian on now?

Ian: Hello.

Hi. It's been a fairly long in terview. We've covered lots of things...

Ian: So far all I'm hearing about is goats.

Yeah, well, we just have to finish up with a few media questions for you...

Ian: Okay.

Do you have an all-time fa vorite One Dove interview?

Ian: Um, I think Melody Maker's interview was really, really good.

Was that the one that keeps getting quoted? "One band. One fucking band. One Dove", or something like that?

Ian: (laughs) That's it.

That's the one. Okay. What's your worst Interview?

Ian: Uh, there's not one that stands out as being the worst--no, not so far, thank fully, no. And usually, I let Jim and Dot do them. I've had my fair share, but uh, I do find it a very strange phe nomenon.

Are there any recurring ques tions that you've grown to hate?

Ian: Other than, "How did it all start?"? I mean, we've been answering that question for two-and-a-half years now. It sometimes gets to the point where we make up dif ferent answers. That's fun.

Do you read about other bands?

Ian: Yes.

Who's interview you enjoyed recently?

Ian: Um...d have to think. Uh, yeah, I actually read a Boy George interview just last month, and he does come across as being really intelli gent and having alot to say, notjust about musis , but alot of other things as weII.

Who would you Iike to inter view given a chance?

Ian: Ub... Buju Banton.

Really? Buju Banton?

Ian: Yeah.


Ian: I'd just like to pick up a few points with him about his homophobia.


Ian: Yeah.

If we set it up, would you do it?

Ian: Yeah, I probably would. I'd have to do some home- work, but yeah, I'd do it.

Here's a fill-in-the-blanks. I rate doing Interviews on a par with _________.

Ian: Doing laundry.

Okay. Now a multiple choice: The purpose of doing all these interviews is: a) to promote One Dove; b) to get people to know us as people; c) to keep the record com- pany happy; d) all of the above; e) something else.

Ian: Ah, all of the above. (laughs)

Okay, Do you have a favorite American TV show?

Ian: American TV? Um... Married.. with Children.

Do you play video games?

Ian: Nope.

Of the three of you, only Jim plays video games?

Ian: Yep.

What do you think of goats?

Ian: (laughs) Okay. Uh, they're definitely affiliated with the Devil, and got cloven...

The Devil?

Ian: Yeah, affiliated with the Devil, yeah. And they've got the cloven hooves, yeah. Not to be trusted.

Goats are not to be trusted?

Ian: Yeah, that's right, goats are not to be trusted

Interview by Todd Bronson

One Dove are Dot Allison, Jim McKinven and Ian Carmichael. Origin: Scotland.

Current single: "White Love".

Current LP: Morning Dove White. Label: ffrr/PolyGram.

Originally appeared in Street Sounds Feb 1994. Copyright Copyright, Street Sounds All Rights Reserved.


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